Wine In Tube was created in 2007 by passionate French wine growers to offer high quality packaging to facilitate the
sampling of their wines. Receiving great enthusiasm, this concept was launched to the market in 2009 and so began the
journey of this extraordinary product; fine and luxurious wines by the glass without opening a bottle.


WIT is a patented glass bottle of 100ml. Its technology helps preserve the taste of wine. The identity of its origin is maintained by screen-printing.
The process of transferring the wine is done under a controlled and oxygen free environment, to prevent the wine from undergoing organoleptic degradation.
WIT then guarantees a perfect seal over time.
The aluminium caps are recognized by winemakers for providing one of the best defences against wine oxygenation during long term storage.
The glass meanwhile, is totally impervious to air and the WIT wine can then be stored for a period of several years (2-3 years).

The tube was designed in partnership with INRA Montpellier and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers in Paris for the proper preservation of wines.
The tubes are recognized to be a feat of award-winning technology by different labels such a:


Trophy Oenovation

The Innovation Awards SITEVI

Design Observer

OSEO Excellence